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Whisper Bridal Boutique was established in January 2023. What started as a secret pinterest board and a very long-term goal quickly turned into a reality when I took a huge leap and invested in my future.

Idris by E&W Couture

I often say ‘we’ ‘us’ and ‘our’ when talking about the business as while I am just a one-woman band, there has been a huge support system driving this passion of mine and that even comes down to our lovely brides!


I started my journey at University where I studied Fashion Design in South Wales. I had a strong interest in bridal from the start but explored ready-to-wear fashion before embarking on my bridal adventure.
This led to an internship at E&W Couture and 3 years later, I was running their appointments. This is where the idea for Whisper first originated and I learnt a lot about the process behind ordering a wedding dress and I quite often would be sewing little bits behind the scenes. 


 I wanted to create a space that brides can visit with no fuss or pressure. The Boutique has been likened to visiting a spa and that brings me so much joy, knowing that brides and guests enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that I strived to create.
I have been researching bridal designers for years and it was clear to me that I wanted to stock dresses that aligned with my passion for sustainability. I heavily researched sustainable fashion while at University and this is something that has shone through when choosing who and what to stock.




Nova by E&W Couture
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