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We only stock British designers that design with sustainability at the forefront of their decisions. To minimise their carbon footprint, designers buy in bulk and work on a made-to-order basis to eliminate any unnecessary wastage. From the thread to the fabric, our designers use recycled materials and eco-friendly natural fibres wherever possible. 
We love hearing brides suggest re-wearing their wedding look for other occasions. We encourage this massively and many of our dresses can be shortened, dyed and easily styled with something more everyday. The separates are a great option for re-wearing.

Mollie by Shikoba Bride
Eros by Rolling In Roses


We welcome everyone with open arms here at Whisper and we encourage throwing bridal stereotypes out of the window. Our Boutique is small and it is not financially viable to hold samples in every size however, we have made an effort to hold multiple sizes in many different styles so that you can get a good idea of shape and fit. 
Most styles are pretty interchangeable and if you would like to change the sleeve, raise the back or alter the design slightly to compliment your body and comforts, then this is something we can discuss during your appointment. 


Comfort is a non-negotiable for us and we choose all of our stock with this in mind. We like to brag about the fact that in our dresses you can dance all night long, go to the toilet on your own, eat whatever you want and be comfortable the entire time. 
All fabrics are incredibly luxurious and soft. The designers have created gorgeous gowns that are surprisingly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre in. Many of our brides choose to style their dresses with Dr. Martens, Converse or flats to maximise this comfort throughout the entire day.

Idris by E&W Couture
Nova by E&W Couture


Our designers are highly skilled and employ only the best teams to bring your gown to life. From the pattern cutter to the seamstress to the designer,  the design teams work effortlessly to create the highest quality bridal wear. The fabrics play a huge part in the quality of a dress and if you’ve visited us, then you know this is something I don’t stop talking about.
From heavy-weight satin derived from wood-pulp to buttery soft Eco-vero and bamboo silk, our fabulous fabrics are all extremely luxurious, eco-conscious, comfortable and long lasting.

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